SAD And Self-Care: Prioritising Your Needs

SAD And Self-CareContents1 SAD And Self-Care2 Understanding SAD3 The Importance of Self-Care in Managing SAD3.0.1 Prioritising Self-Care During the Winter Months:4 Self-Care Isn’t Selfish5 How Integrative Therapy Can Help With Self-Care And SAD6 Conclusion Seasonal …

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Man sitting on turquoise couch with his head in his hands looking upset, suffering with SAD

SAD And The Holidays: Coping With The Blues

SAD And The HolidaysContents1 SAD And The Holidays2 Support For SAD During The Holidays2.0.1 Managing stress and anxiety2.0.2 Maintaining a healthy sleep schedule2.0.3 Getting physical activity and outdoor time2.0.4 Practising Self-care2.0.5 Maintaining social connections2.0.6 Support …

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SAD and Nature: Outdoor Activities for Relief

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of depression affecting individuals during the darkest months of the year. It is characterized by feelings of hopelessness, fatigue, and irritability, making it difficult for individuals to enjoy …

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